Stainless Steel Wire Rope & Fittings

AMFS offer a massive range of stainless steel wire rope sizes and fittings to support any job you have in mind. We can supply and install, or supply it for a DIY project.

Wire Rope Strength

Finding the right wire rope for the job involves assessing how much wire rope strength, fatigue resistance, crushing and corrosion resistance, and rotation resistance is needed. Specialty ropes are available to offer more strength and protection against rotation, crushing and corrosion during unique lifting projects. Call the Adelaide wire rope specialists on 

Advantages of Wire Ropes

All Metal Fabrication Services manufacture stainless steel wire ropes and cables that are perfect for various industrial applications. Stainless steel wire ropes have been continuously gaining popularity because of their numerous advantages.

High tensile strength: Stainless steel wire ropes can take a large amount of pull before they break apart. Hence they are used for various applications in industrial settings.
Adaptable: Wire ropes are adaptable to a number of conditions that would otherwise degrade or harm a fibre based rope.
Detect deterioration: You can easily detect deterioration in wire ropes as you can easily see the strands of a wire rope coming off. Such deterioration is hard to detect in regular ropes. Replacing the degraded one is always advisable to ensure safe working conditions.
Cost effectiveness:  Some grades of wire rope have high work-hardening qualities. The significant strength of these wire rope enables it to withstand high pressure and corrosion. These types of wire rope do not damage easily therefore early replacement is not necessary. This in turn minimises maintenance costs.

Uses of Wire Rope 

Stainless steel wire rope is a popular choice for many applications, especially for wire balustrading.

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